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DJ Hux was created on the back of a love for electro hip hop and early acid House. His full name is Hux-ley Acutt and has been since 1971. He started collecting vinyl in 1988 and by ‘89 had his 1st set of Turn-tables. A set of Technic SLBD22 belt drive decks, not the easiest of tools to start on, but within an hour of practise he had 2 records in sync and he has never ever stopped beat mixing since. His current decks – Technics 1210’s were actually purchased in 1990 when the real fun began. He fell in love with the North Western Warehouse scene and was a regular frequenter of the Blackburn parties, and before long he had blagged his way into loads of new clubs and always tried to play the crowd.

Early Guest spots included….The Carleton Morecambe 1989 – an iconic Northern venue where hundreds of young ravers would flock weekly to the sounds of the latest UK, Euro and US dance, electro and early rave experimentations. He played there until 93, which is where he ran his own “Choontimes” events for a year. Other early venues include: The Empire Morecambe Monroes – Blackburn Club 21 – Darwin Car-los ii – Colne Barca Bar – Manchester Revenge Rave – Blackburn.

Hux was then asked to be involved in a local outdoor event, which were set in the most idyllic of set-tings, the backdrop was the Lake District, in a field in the middle of nowhere. What started with just a few hundred people in attendance, soon, by year three became a couple of thousand! Being involved in outdoor Parties was certainly a buzz for Hux. It made partying in clubs that much more different (Arn-side Parties mid 90’s). Hux rekindled his love for club DJing on Rhodes Island in Greece 1993 (Tramps nightclub) with great vibes, great people, fantastic sunsets and sunrises. Unforgettable times!

Hux has been lucky enough to be entertaining and playing to crowds for the last 29 years. From clubs, to festivals, to raves, and he still embraces that same the energy/buzz you get as a dj and from the crowds vibe. So, it’s safe to say that the dance scene is still the ‘Mutts Nutts’

In the last 4 years Hux has played the Vintage festival (with Mike Pickering, Dave Haslam – 2014 & Graeme Park Dave Haslam & Andy D. 2015) He then started Radio presenting The Revival Sessions with DJ Fingers on City Beat FM radio before turning his hand to interviewing and presenting in 2016 and has interviewed some of the old skool finest artists – Dream Frequency / Mark XTC / K Klass / Slipmatt and many more. Check out the Dance Decade interviews on YouTube for an insight into how these musicians got into this wonderful scene. 

More recently Hux has been involved with the successful Dance Decade brand and has been one of their resident DJ’s for the last 5 years.

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