The Mix Factor 2019 DJs have finally been chosen and we’re now waiting to see whether they can all make it over to Ibiza 🤞✈🎧🌞😎 

Please bear in mind that we only actually uploaded the top 50 mixes out of a ton of entries, so these 50 were all very good which made it extra tough to judge, especially with such a broad musical style too!

The Top Ten:
Steve Morgan | Dave Barra | Johnny Dagley | Jamie Blundell | Stu J | Zoey Walsh | Scott Merifield | Dave Fogg | Elliott | Ray Mitchell

Each DJ will now get a short set by the pool in the sunshine and the overall winner will get to play in Eden on 23rd May at Peach.

Well done to all 50 who made the Mixcloud page and massive appreciation to all the others who took the time and effort to have some fun and take part 🌞💛🌞 #SBIT2019 #Ibiza #MixFactor