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About Ibiza

Ibiza has a huge clubbing history that stretches way back even before house music. It’s always been a go-to place for the rich and famous to party, and back in the 80s was frequented by many pop superstars and famous supermodels like Kate Moss & Naomi Campbell. Wham filmed their Club Tropicana video at Pikes Hotel in San Antonio back in 1983.

In 1987 Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Nicky Holloway and Johnny Walker visited the island and discovered the Balearic sound and the new Ibiza “clubbing experience” at Amnesia. This was a major catalyst that kick started the UK Acid House scene and the 2nd Summer of Love in 1988.

Ibiza has always played a huge role in the UK dance music scene, and that link has grown stronger as the years have ticked by. From 80s Acid House to latest explosion of modern house and everything in between including Trance, Electro, Old Skool and that unique Ibiza chillout vibe.

Ibiza is beautiful. Everyone should take some time out to explore the island, the culture, the local food, and some of the amazing coves and beaches.

Ibiza is home to some of the biggest, most prestigious and certainly most famous super clubs in the world. This is why it’s known around the globe as the party capital, and being the party capital and such a beautiful island is what attracts us at Slip Back In Time to keep coming back.

For lots more interesting information, check out our blog page at www.oldskoolibiza.com/blog

What’s Included In The Package

It’s very simple. There are two full packages which are “Room Only” and “ All-Inclusive” and either of these can be for a different number of days.

Both packages include your welcome pack, hotel accommodation and entry to absolutely everything except the boat party. The reason we don’t include the boat party is simply because some people don’t like boats, and that is all.

We do include an option for Ibiza airport transfers upon request. We do have to charge for this service but it’s usually cheaper and much more convenient than organising your own taxis.

We don’t include flights because these days it’s so much easier and cheaper to book your own, plus you guys are joining us from so many different locations across the UK, Europe and the world, even from as far as Australia.

We do however recommend that you keep an eye on flight prices. They tend to fluctuate throughout the year so don’t be too hasty, and certainly don’t leave it too late. We will always do our best to recommend the best time to book.

We also offer wristbands for event entry only which includes daytime poolside at the hotel and all other events though the day. Poolside entry is limited so you will need to book early in case they sell out.

There’s lots of information on our website, and if in doubt, always feel free to drop us a line on bookings@oldskoolibiza.com

Music & Entertainment

Yes, you guessed it, ‘Old Skool Ibiza’ is pretty much all about Old Skool, and Ibiza 😉. For us it also means Old Skool values, and even Old Skool attitude when it comes to partying.

The rave scene has been around for over 30 years, so what part of that 30 odd years do we focus on?

Well, the secret formula is that the rave scene was pretty much built on a foundation of House Music from the late 80s, especially in Ibiza, so we mix up plenty of House Classics from over the years with lots of early 90s rave from the golden era, as well as a touch of Trance with plenty of Ibiza anthems. We’re certainly not snobby with our music and last year people were lapping up 80s soul for an hour at lunch time by the pool right through to some upfront House mixed in with the classics in the super clubs at night. We’re very proud of the DJs we choose, we have total faith in them, and everyone has done a grand job so far.

The ‘Old Skool’ in Old Skool Ibiza also refers to our culture just as much as the music, meaning our customers are more interested in giving each other a hug rather than wondering how much their bag costs, and more interested in simply dancing all night and enjoying the experience rather than taking hundreds of videos and selfies. Photos, video and live feeds are already taken care of buy our wonderful team.

Our dancers put on a great show and will no doubt blow you away with their energy, and for 2020 we’ve got a few new entertainment surprises up our sleeve that we’re really excited about.

If you’re really interested in the music, maybe check out our Live USB which includes recordings of nearly every DJ set from 2019 – You can find this at www.worldofrave.co.uk

Our Hotels & Staff

We chose our hotels, the S’Estanyol and San Remo for many positive reasons

The hotels are linked together and run by the same manager and team. They share the same restaurant so everyone eats in the same place, and we can also use the bars and facilities in both hotels, whichever one you stay in.

They are situated in a beautiful location right next to the beach with amazing views, in the popular bay area with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

The staff are extremely helpful and very friendly and love to join in with the fun. Nothing is ever a problem. There’s always food and drink available from 8am right through till the pool bar closes at 11pm.

Both hotels are very modern and spotlessly clean – there’s even a gym if you fancy an Ibiza workout.

Both hotels have their own pools. We use the San Remo pool for our main daytime area and for 2020 we’ll be turning the S’Estanyol pool in to a nice chillout area.

If you ever have any questions while you’re away, the reception staff are always happy to help.  

Food & Drink

All-inclusive is by far the best value for the week. Assuming you’re going to eat at the hotel and spend most days by the pool, we feel you’ll be mad not to take advantage of this offer.

From our own experience, if you’re all-inclusive you won’t spend a single penny all day every day, and with the hotel bar open until 11pm every night, you can top yourself up with a couple of beers or a cocktail or three before you go out for the evening.

That being said, contrary to what some people say, Ibiza is not all expensive and is still generally cheaper than the UK.

The hotel restaurant has a huge selection of food with chef’s specials every day, starters, salads, mains, desserts, fruit, sweets and even unlimited vino, all with friendly and helpful service 😉

If you do fancy an authentic English breakfast, a big burger or a nice juicy steak why not try our friends at Liberty’s Diner round the corner. Owned by our friend and Ibiza legend, Phil Walker, he’ll always give you a discount if you mention our name 😉

Overall, the all-inclusive is the best option, but San Antonio has an amazing assortment of restaurants, from vegan, to steaks, to tapas, to fresh seafood tavernas, to some of the finest dining in the world, so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty.

Daytime in Ibiza

I’m guessing if you’ve been out the night before you won’t be up too early, or if it’s early enough, you may still be up 😉

Daytime by the pool is lots of fun, with our people getting to know each other, chatting about the night before, and simply enjoying the sun, the music, the vibes and a few drinks.

Most people tend to surface between 10-11am just in time to catch breakfast. For 2020 our DJs are planning to start around 11am with some softer sounds to start the day off gently. From the moment the music starts we’ll always have a member of our team around the pool area to help and answer any questions. We’ll also have merchandise and evening event tickets available through the day.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch so make sure you introduce yourself to everyone. If you’re traveling on your own, you won’t be the only one. Everyone is made very welcome, so you’ll never feel alone and you’ll meet new friends every day.

The beach is just a few metres away from the pool areas so it’s always nice to go and dip your toes in or even have a swim.

The hotel staff are super friendly so please be nice to them and they will look after you with first class service and a beaming smile.

If you’re all-inclusive there’s an unlimited bar, snacks all day, and unlimited food in the restaurant 3 times per day. Just make sure you don’t overdo it…

There are lots of interesting shops, bars and restaurants surrounding the hotel so feel free to wander. We can also recommend some fantastic alternative places to eat if you fancy a treat.

Then at 6pm we turn the DJs off which gives us a couple of hours to chill before we need to get ready to party into the early hours

Check out the programme page on our website for the full itinerary.

Night Time in Ibiza

We recommend that you get yourself some rest during the day ahead of our bigger nights, even if it’s just an early evening power nap. You’ll be glad you did in the long run 😉

We have a great longstanding relationship with all of our venues which we feel fit our themed nights perfectly. We’re spoilt in Ibiza to have so many amazing places to choose from. Ibiza super clubs do have a reputation of being expensive, but at Slip Back In Time we believe that the sheer standard of sound, light, décor and service in these venues easily tips the balance in their favour. There’s no other place in the world quite like it.

Keep an eye on the itinerary as we may be holding a pre party ahead of the night’s main event, and most importantly, look after yourself and pace yourself as you’ll want to enjoy the memories and you won’t want to miss out on the next day, will you 😉

Always keep safe. Stay with friends and don’t go wandering off on your own in the dark, especially if you’ve had a few drinks. If you ever feel worried for any reason or you feel unwell, just find one of the team or grab someone familiar and let them know immediately.

Always bring your smile, dance like no one’s looking, and most importantly, have the time of your life…

Old Skool Behaviour

We have a fantastic track record for friendly customers and we plan to keep it that way. We all leave our egos at home and take on the Golden Rule of “treat others the same way you would like to be treated yourself” with respect, kindness and a little love.

We do have our own security to call on so if there are any problems, just let us know and we will deal with any situation discretely and without any fuss.

It’s always nice to respect people’s peace, quiet and sleep, so please be mindful when returning to your room in the early hours. The hotel understands that we’re all on holiday, however they obviously won’t tolerate extreme noise and loud hotel room parties in the early hours.

It’s quite simple, we all want to have fun, so just be the nicest version of yourself and that will always reflect back on you with the best holiday experience ever.

Airport & Transfers

Ask us if you’d like to add transfers to your trip. We offer these because they’re particularly useful for our guests who have never visited Ibiza before and want the assurance of a pre-booked transfer taking them straight to the hotel, door to door service, and for our guests who are travelling solo.

Transfers work out at £25 per person and that covers you for both ways – much cheaper than a taxi if there’s only one or two of you. We’ll need names of all guests along with your flight details.

When you land – switch on your phone! Then, once you’ve collected any bags head out of the airport through the revolving front doors. You’ll see the queue for the taxi rank – head straight past this and across the road using the zebra crossing. You’ll then see a Costa Coffee place on your left and straight ahead of you the ticket machines for the carpark. This is where you’ll meet our friendly and helpful rep!

Our rep will be wearing an Old Skool Ibiza t-shirt – you won’t be able to miss them. And if somehow you do miss them, we’ll be giving out their phone number via email before the event. This is when you’ll be checked off the list and you’ll get straight into one of our waiting cars and taken straight to base to check in, settle in and meet the rest of us!

Just note that you may or may not be sharing your taxi with other Old Skool Ibiza guests.

When it’s time to get back to the airport at the end of your trip, please head to the reception area at Hotel San Remo. Your return transfer will pick you up outside the hotel 2.5 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave – be ready as we must leave on time.

How To Book Your Holiday

Are you ready to book? We really hope you’ll be there with us

You can book for any duration of nights depending on availability at the hotel. But if your stay is for less than 7 nights it must either begin on Saturday 16th May or end on Saturday 23rd May.

You’ve got options when it comes to booking your trip: To get booked up in a matter of minutes just head over to our website now – www.oldskoolibiza.com, hit ‘View Packages’ and all your options are there. When you get to the checkout page you’ll be able to either pay in full or just pay a small deposit.

To speak to someone about the best package for you please email us – bookings@oldskoolibiza.com. We’ll fill you in about all the event details and packages on offer. Ask us anything – there is no question too small or silly for us

When you’ve found your ideal package, we ask for a small deposit which can be paid by BACS.

If you’re old school and want to chat then simply give us a call!

However you choose to book, once we receive your deposit we will send you a full booking confirmation within 48 hours. This will explain all about our optional payment plan – we encourage you to make use of this as it makes meeting our payment deadlines so much easier

You can pay as much as you like and as often as you like by BACS, PayPal, or by calling to make a card payment – as long as you meet our 2020 payment deadlines.